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25 thoughts on “About @OldTraffordReds A Blog For United Fans By United Fans”

  1. Okay. Where to start ? Moyes. Give him time to make the team HIS, that team still has Fergies stamp on it. Fergie took his time & made us the champions we are. If RVP wants to throw his toys out the cot, let him. There’s a forgotten no14 chomping at the bit wanting to put his mark on things. Start playing Kagawa more, as well as Chicarito or we’re going nowhere, fast…….


    • mike jump said:

      Completely agree with your comments about Van Persie. I’m sure we all remember the soundbite about “the little child inside screaming Manchester United” to him. That would be THE CLUB not one person. Surely he didn’t imagine a septuagenarian manager would remain in charge for the rest of his playing career? Not convinced about Hernandez though – he never seems to have the same impact when he starts a game as he does coming off the bench.


  2. I’m a United fan from South Africa and the general consensus is that Moyes is out of his depth. However I disagree. We need to give the manager time, as much as it pains us to watch putrid performances like the Olympiacos catastrophe the manager needs to create his own identity.

    In saying that it’s difficult to take any positives away from this season. To me it seems like Moyes has no plan of how we’re going to go forward. We play with no style and our build up play is at a tortoise’s pace. I’m sure I can speak for all ardent United fans in saying that we wouldn’t mind the losses if we could see Moyes’s identity coming through. Take Brendan Rogers at Liverpool. He had a tough start but he stuck to his game plan revolves around pressing teams high up the pitch and putting pressure on them to turn over the ball. When I see Antonio ‘one trick pony’ Valencia trying to go on the outside of his opponent and try to cross in the box it’s worse than watching paint dry. I believe Moyes needs to bring in players he feels can add value to whatever system he plans to implement and not be pressured by the fans and media into which players to buy. In addition, Sir Alex needs to take a step back and allow Moyes to place his own stamp on the team. Let’s show the world why we are the biggest club in the world and have faith in our manager. If Mourinho had taken over you can be sure Januzaj wouldn’t have gotten the opportunity that Moyes gave him. Moyes has a history of developing young talents so let’s give him time to do that @ryan_knip3


  3. David hope said:

    I genuinely believe that some blame can be aimed at sir Alex and David Gill…. Now don’t get me wrong sir Alex is a absolute god for what he turned is into from 80’s nearly men to the 20 times champions. However I feel that he left moyes a poor squad in terms of quality on midfield and defence and also a ageing team. A section of fans and I have at time blamed moyes too but having looked again, he was given an impossible task!! The players we wanted in summer were never going to come till they saw what moyes could do. Yes we got mata in January and I think we have over paid by £5m. The Rooney news is a sign of strength by moyes and that he will do things his way. Moyes should be given at least three years to make this team how he feels it should be with quality players bought in but also the young lads. The media are loving our struggles this season. But going back to topic I feel sir Alex has made a monumental error by not signing some quality over the last two years even more so knowing that each transfer window the other top teams have spent money knowing everyone else is. To sum up give moyes time and of in three years it’s still bad okay then it’s not worked for him but to judge him after 7 months is shocking!! We will be back I mean it took us 26 years to win the lge last time. As the song goes we will never die.


  4. Alls fair that everybody deserves time to get their job done. But through this major decrease on form, things are getting worse rather than showing signs that he is capable of controlling a dressing room full of more successful pros than himself(moyes). Even throughout liverpool a recent drought, they were still playing good football and still manage to show fight and pride within themselves and play for the shirt, but the whole united team are embarrassing themselves and letting ferguson, the fans and also themselves down. It’s embarrassing.
    Maybe moyes shouldn’t be sacked but maybe the backroom staff should be, they clearly can’t do the job. And let’s face it, would someone like rvp listen to someone like phil Neville? A fresh new coach who doesn’t even have half the knowledge that most of the dressing room may do.
    Maybe we should try next season with a different backroom staff and keep moyes, and if things are still bad, then as a manager, moyes will get the boot


  5. Moyes doesn’t trust himself. Yes, has been given an impossible job and was left a poor team to build from, but he himself, is so unsure of his decisions.

    The Moyes of Everton was sure of himself, wasn’t afraid of changing tactics and most importantly, had a plan B. He also had an understanding of what his players were capable of. He played to his players strengths.

    Moyes has been swallowed by how big his job actually is. He needs to find out what his plan is going forward. He needs to get rid of the dead wood. He needs to get Shinji and Chicharito playing more. Clevs and Young are not going to turn a corner…Moyes needs to accept that.

    He is losing the fans and by the looks of it, even some of the players.

    If he has a plan and plays according to it, we will move forward.

    We need to be more dynamic, play with more purpose and for the badge.

    This is United though, so it will come right


  6. The squad excuses are not valid.
    A team who won the league have no right to be dropping to a 6th position.
    A team with players such as de gea, rafael, vidic, evra, jones, carrick(normally), kagawa, mata, rooney, januzaj and mata should BY MILES be at least 4th. Liverpool have blown us away this year and how many of their players would we want? Suarez, gerrard and Sturridge. Brendan Rodgers has just done a fantastic job and shown his philosophy. What is moyes philosophy? Nobody seems to know.
    And what about everton? Our squad is far superior and even they play better than us.
    The transition excuse is the worst, look at all the other top teams with managerial changes and look how they’re doing.
    Take a look at tottenham, they bought about 100 players, sacked a manager and are still abov us! Where was their transition? It’s all a load of…
    It’s pretty simple, players start playing or get thrown. Moyes, sort your act out and the team!
    All staff, I don’t even know what the frick you lot are doing.


    • Lol..you really angry about what’s going on at united I understand ow you feel moreover I my self could say a lot more than that what really got me worried are his fricking back room staff


  7. Ifagbemileke said:

    Nice to have a blog where all united fans can share their oppinion.
    First of all moyes is a good manager but not a winning trophies manager or maybe not used to winning trophies and we the united fans are used to winning and that’s why we are complaining bitterly about Moyes, besideS that all fingers point to the manager cos of
    1. Negative tactics
    2. Used two months chassing Thiago Alcantara and Fabregas (one month each)
    3. He rejected Ozil because of Kagawa (which he doesn’t know where and how to play him) and signed Mata when they r all creative midfielders.
    4. Not giving chicharito and Zaha playing chances
    5. Constantly sticking to cleverly (a midfielder witout assist )
    One question comes to my mind always maybe the glazzers stick to moyes because of Fergie’s recommendation or the glazzer are greedy and decide to go for someone to help them manage the team?


  8. For me all the lads have their own abilities and the way to improve their performance is to stay UNITED. I realized some of them couldn’t give 100% on the games because most of them didn’t use the skills that we all believe it will help our points.

    How about David Moyes? Most of us said to give him time but end up ruining our own legacy. I’m not telling that he’s not a good manager but this is a big club and I hope we all understand.

    The lads such as Evra, Fletcher, RVP, Wazza, Chicharito, Mata and Januzaj are some great players. Also Kagawa. I think Moyes should let him play more. He could assists and give goals. We only have few games left. A lot of goals needed to be on top 4 and more.

    We’re worried about this, but never give up because maybe this year we can’t go far. But I promise you starting from next season we’ll wake up again. And freak everyone out! xoxo


  9. Eavynice said:

    The excuse of the squad nt been his is lame,wen he had the summer to add to the squad,like wat happened to man city,the only issue is that moyes does’nt knw his team nd hs no startin ix in his mind
    he hs broken every record at mufc nd the only record to be broken is mufc sucking a manager from his job in about 27 years


  10. SIR Alex’s words were “to get behind our new manager” I was with moyes from the start although to be honest he wasn’t my first choice. He had a good record and did to his credit excellent things with Everton. However, after the performances since Christmas he has lost my confidence 3 wins in 2014?? That statistic is appalling for united especially as we’re now in March!! He has lost the dressing room and that’s clear to see to any united fan.

    I’m sick of all of the talk about a transitional period, he needs to put his own stamp on things… Munich, Madrid, Barca, Tottenham, Chelsea and shitty have all got new managers? Are they struggling? No! This is the players and Moyes fault… Playing outdated tactics and playing people like Valencia and Cleverly, who add nothing! He has a coaching staff behind him who are about experienced as me and for players with huge egos to be working with them, they will see it like a 10year old telling a teacher how to teach…

    Something has to be done and that in my opinion is to ask phelan to come back until May or stick with moyes until May and THEN go get Klopp from Dortmund.


  11. Taking over the great SAF was always going to be an impossible job and I commend moyes for having the courage to take the post.

    I agree to an extent that he has inherited a beleaguered squad which no doubt made his job that little bit harder. As an optimistic fan however I never believed that the squad who won the league at a canter last year and put up a remarkable fight against a very strong Real Madrid side would fall so short this year. The players have to look at themselves for their failings on the pitch but the manager must accept the responsibility. Superstars take inspiration from other superstars and right now they have no faith in moyes and I don’t see that improving.

    The board now have a choice – stick or twist. I think making comparisons with when SAF took is wrong because at the time SAF stepped in united were down and out and in desperate need of a hero. What they need now is someone to take the baton and continue leading the team to glory. There is more at play now than simply winning medals, there are shareholders, billionaire owners and a global fanbase. The further united slip back the further the brand and everything that has been achieved is damaged.

    United have always been a team of flair and pace and right now that is nowhere to be seen. The damage on the pitch is being reflected in their global stock and I do not believe the glazers will stand by and watch for too long. Rightly or wrongly I believe moyes will be replaced if things do not improve in the very near future


  12. Am a true manchester untied fan
    Its really an honour to write on the
    Manchester untied blog page…..
    I would really want to see kagawa
    And januzaj play together because
    They can good.


  13. United that is the name of our club Manchester UNITED so we should be united everyone involved in this club from owners to directors to the manger , coaches , players and finally us the fans that what differ Manchester united to any other club in the world if we lost that than no Mayes or any other manager or player owner or coaches will change so us the fans the real fans of united must all be united with everyone in this club and united will rise again so be united with Manchester united


  14. mike jump said:

    If we were to sack Moyes it would have to be early enough to get a new manager in place before the summer transfer window opens cos we made a right horlicks of the last one. Truthfully I don’t see that happening but if the American carpet baggers do make large sums of money available is Moyes the man to be entrusted with it? Any opinions?


  15. I’m a united fan in Nigeria. Like all other united fans in Nigeria would say ‘sack Moyes if you want United to move forward’, which i totally disagree with. All Moyes needs is time and co-operation from team-mates. #GGMU


  16. Been a United since 1985 and seeing the struggle Sir Alex went through when he first took the reigns I can understand why many are asking for Moyes to be given time but my problem with this is… When Sir Alex took over he wasn’t dealing with a premier league as it is today,he also had to deal with an ageing squad who,by there own admission,were beer drinkers. The difference between then and now is David Moyes has been handed a squad that WON the league last season,everyone single player has grown up during the premier league years,they haven’t had to deal with any change to the way the league is set up and also fitness is a must these days.
    My only gripe with United this season is WHY THE DRASTIC CHANGE??
    You look at the way they play under Moyes and there seems to be they have no drive up the field,its all about defence,they spend more time in there own half then the oppositions.
    The pace has gone from the team and looking at players individually its as if all confidence in there own ability has gone,almost like there’s an invisible strap around them stopping them the minute they try to use what they know they are capable of!
    I understand some will disagree with me but I feel something more is happening behind the scenes that is affecting the team,I hope I’m wrong and they can snap out of this..
    Sorry if I upset fellow fans


  17. I think we have to let wellbeck go cuz I dnt see wat he is doing u can see wat he did against bayarn


  18. onyeka Asuzu said:

    Am a ardent manunited fans from nigeria,I don’t like what is going now with this club,just be so poor like that,I never imagine manunited been poor as they are this season,but the best thing to do is to sack moyes after this season an employ a world class coach,cause moyes is not a manunited type


  19. Good to be manunited fans


  20. Moyes, el problema no son los jugadores. Tenemos uno de los planteles mas fuertes de Inglaterra. El equipo no juega a nada, es un equipo sin alma, que comete errores infantiles. Rio, Vidic, Evra, Van Persie son algunos de los nombres que se me vienen a la cabeza, jugadores de jerarquia, jugadores de primer nivel que obviamente no han rendido ni la mitad de lo que realmente pueden, y hasta por momentos parecen jugadores de la Championship, En especial Rio y Evra.

    Ayer, en el partido frente a Everton el equipo intentaba atacar por el medio, donde se vio eso? Kagawa y Nani se cerraban y las bandas quedaban libres, cual era el problema? los laterales no pasaban. Rooney parecia que le daba lo mismo ganar o perder, no corria, se lo notaba frustado. Moyes tranquilo, miraba el partido sentado en el banquillo. Si señores, sentado en el banquillo. Como puede un tecnico estar sentado con sus colaboradores cuando estas 2-0 abajo, cuando te estas jugando el puesto en el club, cuando sabes que si no ganas te quedas afuera de Champions y ensima cuando sabes que estas a punto del despido?. La verdad no entiendo, solamente espero que la situacion cambie.

    Saludos de parte de @ManUnitedUru


  21. am indeed man utd fan in time of cold warm nd hot.am from Nigeria. And concerning moyes d man hz tryng hz best no doubt’ but d problems lies wit d old player nd overlukng or usng players like chicharito kagawa but he didnt used dem the likes of welbeck,cleverly,evra,ferdinand,fletcher,carrick even rvp shud be replace to gv a way 4 young people’ nd further more moyes like a primary certificate holder takng in higher institute to lecture wat wil he teach? So lets go for klopp or pep guadiolar plss i beg of u glazzers.


  22. Well_never_die said:

    Love the blogs uploaded on here.
    Check out my Instagram page WELL_NEVER_DIE. For united goals throughout the years.

    Thank you


  23. Thanks


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